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Post-Surgery Pet Recovery Tips

Surgery can be a frightening experience for both humans and pets, emotionally and physically. Post-surgery may leave your pet with discomfort and pain. The recovery process can be hectic and may take weeks. Though surgeries are inevitable, your pet’s recovery shouldn’t be a difficult or challenging process.

Here are a few tips that will help your pet have a speedy recovery:
Pay Attention to Bandaging
Once your pet leaves the Vet’s office, they are completely back in your care. Make sure to follow all guidelines written by the Vet and attend all follow-up appointments to ensure a speedy recovery for your pet. It’s important to take care of any bandaging on your pet and change them when necessary. If the bandages are not properly taken care of, this can lead to future infections in different areas of the body.
Most bandages need to be drained or changed 2-3 times a day. Your Vet should advise you on proper bandage treatment for the impacted area. Some Vets may prescribe you antibiotics or healing sprays to aid in your pet’s recovery process. Make sure to keep the bandages dry and cover them in plastic if exposed to rain or wet areas.

Limit Activity/Prevent Licking

During your pet’s recovery, it’s important to limit their activity for a few days to ensure proper healing. If your pet continues their normal activity, it may cause a strain on the impacted area, which prolongs the recovery process. Also, a “cone” may be used on your pet to prevent them from licking themselves or their wounds.
Additionally, it’s important to separate your pet from other animals and children. You don’t want your pet to play roughly or have other animals lick their wounds, which also leads to infection.

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