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Tips to Ease Inflammation

Research shows that inflammation is the body’s answer to injury or infection. A few symptoms of inflammation include redness, swelling, heat, and aches around the body. Typically, inflammation can be stressful. It may leave you with restless nights and troublesome days. Your current lifestyle may play a role in reoccurring inflammation in different areas of the body. Here are a few tips that may help ease and reduce inflammation.


An unbalanced diet may be the primary cause of inflammation in the body. Studies show that foods that are high in sugar, trans-fat, carbohydrates, corn syrup, etc. are a contributing factor to inflammation. Certain foods may cause the body to exit the state of homeostasis, which promotes the immune system to get into defense mode, hence inflammation. For example, foods that are high in sugar triggers the body to send signals to the cytokine molecules, which may cause inflammation in the body. Furthermore, a well-balanced diet will not only keep the body in homeostasis, but it may also help fight against inflammation. Research indicates that anti-inflammation foods such as fruits, nuts, fatty fish, nuts, etc. will keep the body balanced and healthy. If you’re struggling with inflammation, try to reduce greasy high-processed food, and replace it with foods that are high in anti-oxidants.


Recent studies have shown that physical activity may help reduce inflammation in the body. Exercise helps the body maintain a healthy weight while strengthening the heart, muscles, and bones. Low-intensity exercises such as walking for only 20 minutes may boost the immune system and reduce the formation of cytokines in the body. Also, research shows that stretching before and after a workout is an effective method to minimize soreness and inflammation in the body. During exercise, excess levels of lactic acid may cause the body to become sore. Often, soreness leads to increased inflammation and aches around the body. Stretching helps ease the tension within the muscles, which may decrease inflammation.

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