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Social Distancing: 5 ways to engage your customers with social media.


Across the country people are hunkered down and communication can be tough. The good news is, there’s still social media so you can talk and engage with them.

Here are a few ideas

Update your social media profiles – this is a great way to engage your customer and get them to know who you are as a business. It allows you customer to build trust with you and the product you are offering. Especially important when they looking to buy CBD online. Customers want to know who they are buying their hemp extract from.
Share real-time updates – this could mean new hemp products, sales and giveaways. It also entertains your followers and they keep a look our for what is new in your line.
Create a social media calendar – this makes it easy to plan what your posting and be able to follow up with some interested content. This will make it easier on you in your day to day since posting CBD education and information online can be time consuming.
Share helpful content and videos CBD education is important and this will make your job easier. This will also drive traffic on your search engines to your site. A lot of people really enjoy watching videos vs reading online.
Build community through asking and answering questions Great way to engage your customers.  We can do this through blogs, emails and of course on social media.  Start a community page and allow your customers to engage is asking questions about your CBD products.

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