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If I take CBD will I fail a drug test? What is the best CBD to take that I won’t fail a drug test?

If I take CBD will I fail a drug test?

When you take a deeper look into CBD and whether or not you will fail a drug test it can get a little bit complicated and depends on the CBD supplement you are taking. A lot of CBD products contain absolutely zero THC. These products have the name “CBD Isolate” or “Broad Spectrum CBD”. “Full Spectrum” prodcucts contain .3% THC which can lead to a false positive drug test. When a CBD product has no THC like isolate or Broad Spectrum, you cannot fail a drug test.

On the other hand, CBD products that are labeled as “full spectrum” will have trace amounts of THC in them. Legally, this is fine as retail stores can sell products that contain up to 0.3% THC. When CBD products are created using hemp there isn’t enough THC in them for a person to feel a “high” but there is still a minute part of the compound in the product.

There are differences in the allowed percentage depending on where you live. If you live in Georgia or Virginia, for example, CBD products are allowed to have up to .3% THC in them. With a level that high, it’s possible to feel a certain level of impairment caused by the psychoactive chemical (THC). This might also mean you would fail a drug test for marijuana.

CBD is not FBD-regulated and is classed as a supplement. Unfortunately, this means that companies might mislabel the products they’re selling. Thus, you should always ask companies for lab reports to help you to understand the CBD supplements and the breakdown of each compound they contain.

To complicate matters…

Taking broad spectrum CBD supplements that don’t contain THC should not cause you to fail a drug test. However, there is potential complications if you take full spectrum cbd. You should be aware of this before taking CBD.

It has been discovered that in external conditions that are similar to conditions inside the body, CBD can sometimes convert into THC. If these conditions are met inside the human body then you could actually fail a drug test even though the CBD supplements you were taking did not contain THC. Don’t be alarmed though – the latest research suggests that these conditions probably don’t really occur inside the human body since laboratory conditions are so different. Even if some of the CBD was converted to THC, in all likelihood there wouldn’t be enough of the substance to make you fail a drug test. For this to happen, you would have to ingest a huge amount of CBD.

In summary – will I fail a drug test by taking CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD supplements and CBD isolate supplements will not cause you to fail a drug test. Be aware though that some other types of CBD products could put you at risk.

Those who fail drugs tests after taking CBD are most likely to have:

  • Take Full Spectrum CBD on a regular basis
  • Taken CBD with high THC levels
  • Taken CBD that has been contaminated by THC extracts nearby
  • Ingested a CBD product that has been mislabeled
  • Consumed a huge amount of CBD and the body has converted some into THC

Ideally, you should buy CBD online from reputable brands and companies so that you know exactly what your products contain. Wellpur Organics provide water soluble Broad Spectrum products that have no traceble levels of THC. One of the best CBD options for not testing positive on a drug test.


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