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How can CBD Help with Sleep Related Problems?

The Cannabis plant has been used since long ago for both recreational and medicinal purposes by humans. Cannabinoids are particles found in the cannabis plant which can carryout effects on the brain and nerves. These cannabinoids can interrupt the pain signals the nerves of the brain send to the entire body and hence leads to a decrease in pain. CBD and THC which is medicinal marijuana, both contain high amounts of the cannabinoids compound within them. In this way, both these drugs have psychoactive effects which cause the brain to behave in a different manner. The only difference is that, CBD does not cause the brain to feel delusional or a ‘high’ feeling arising from its use while THC does. Due to this reason, the use of CBD can actually help in reducing anxiety, seizures and pain. The use of CBD for sleep is also seen to have positive impacts.

CBD for Sleep

A good night’s sleep and a proper sleeping schedule is a necessity for a healthy life. People tend to overlook this factor, but medical news supports the impacts of proper sleep on one’s life. Here are some ways you can use CBD for sleep to improve your sleeping pattern:

  • The use of extracted Cannabis oil which mainly consists of CBD is highly important for treating people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other stress issues which lead to a lack of sleep.
  • CBD regulates and fills out the deficiency of cannabinoids present in the endocannabinoid system of the brain which allows for important body processes to start working which were previously at a halt due to pain, such as: appetite, memory, sleep, mood, fertility, liver functions and inflammation.

What Research Claims 

The effects of CBD have been studied by science and it has been found that, the use of high dosages of CBD can result in leaving someone to feel sleepy and tired – this would end up regulating their sleeping pattern. A 160 mg dosage of CBD increases the duration of sleep of an individual as research has found. Hence, the use of CBD for sleep can be an effective measure. The replacement of CBD with drugs used to cure insomnia, depression and stress related diseases which lead to a shortage of sleep can be beneficial for the body. CBD is curated of natural ingredients and its impacts are not harmful on the body.

The hormone of stress called cortisol is usually found to be at a peak in the morning for normal individuals. However, people who face insomnia tend to have greater cortisol levels at night instead. Due to this reason, they are unable to sleep and tend to stay up all night. However, research has found that with the use of CBD, cortisol levels tend to decrease to a great extent.

For this reason, the use of CBD for sleep can lead to a proper sleeping pattern and would not have such harmful impacts either. The healthier a sleeping pattern an individual possesses, the healthier a life they will have.

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