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CBD For Pain Relief: What the Science Says and Current Studies. Here’s the breakdown

CBD For Pain Relief: What the Science Says and Current Studies

Over the years, the health industry has been making great advances in the ways to manage pain which are available to the public. Previously, people would turn to medicines that were very strong and had harsh side effects in order to treat their discomfort and relieve pain. However, doctors have decided that reverting to these tactics is unacceptable and have stopped prescribing such medicines to their patients to a great extent. This is due to the impacts these medications have had on the health of long-term users. The overuse of these drugs could have side effects which may lead to permanent organ damage, too. For this reason, scientists had been on the hunt for a pain reliever that would have both natural and anti-analgesic properties present in it. CBD, which is short for the term Cannabidiol, is a shining star in the health industry and can be a great means towards pain relief. Here’s how you can use cbd for painrelief:

The Growing Popularity of CBD

Cannabidiol is a medicine which is extracted from cannabis itself. CBD is a compound which is found in the leaves, stems and stalks of a cannabis plant which does not cause intoxication despite allowing for a euphoria feeling. Apart from this, these parts of the plant possess anti-analgesic properties which contain the most medicinal benefits within them. For this reason, the use of CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a pain reliever. To study how effective CBD has been as a medicine, there have been studies carried out in countries where the drug Cannabis is legal – USA for that matter. This study was carried out by Jamie Corroon and Joy Phillips where they found out that CBD can be used as a painkiller in the medical industry. People who purchase cannabis in the first place, 62% of them are doing so to fight off the pain associated with arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain and even headaches. It is, therefore, relatively safer as compared to other harsh medicines to treat any sort of pain. If you take THC or tetrahydrocannabinol with CBD, the effects of analgesic will be much greater and effective. Apart from this, science has found that CBD  impacts the endocannabinoid system which ensures pain relieving properties and wellness in a person. This system allows for important body processes to start working which were previously at a halt due to pain, such as: appetite, memory, sleep, mood, fertility and inflammation. These are all the cbd health benefits which one should look forward to achieving.

Why CBD?

The reason science and studies are suggesting the use of CBD as a pain reliever instead of drugs like Morphine, Codeine and Demerol is because of the following:

  • CBD Does Not Get You ‘High’: THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is marijuana, has been legalized in various countries due to its medicinal benefits. However, along with the benefits it has, THC tends to leave the user in a ‘high’. On the other hand, CBD provides similar benefits to its users who are suffering from some sort of pain without the psychoactive effects of being in a ‘high’.
  • Other Medicines Have Negative Impacts on Your Organs in the Long Run and are More Expensive: Other medicines which have been mentioned above fall in the category of neurological painkillers. High dosage consumptions of these drugs can have negative impacts on your organs to the point where they may be completely damaged. They are also very expensive. A better alternative is CBD which is comparatively cheaper and comprises of natural ingredients for that matter.

Science has found a better alternative to pain relieving in the form of CBD which has great benefits along with its properties of relieving pain. It has acted as a rising star in the field of medicine and the cbd health benefits should be reaped.

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