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What are the benefits of Terpenes in your CBD?

Benefits of Terpenes 

Terpenes are the fragrant oils that give plants its aromatic distinction and diversity. These oils are contained in a plant make up and also appear in many other herbs, fruits, and host of plants. They play a significant role in the therapeutic and medicinal uses by creating subtle differences across different plants. Hemp or Cannabis has its own terpene profile that contributes to its aromatic diversity. These terpenes play a significant role in hemps therapeutic and medicinal properties.

WELLPUR Organic’s terpene profile are found naturally in the plant hemp plant.  Unlike other companies we do not add terpenes back into our products. This process known as re-terpening.  Our philosophy is to preserve the whole plant for maximum benefits.

There are a huge variety of terpenes, each responsible for different smells like notes of pine, pepper, fruit, and flowers. Cannabis or the hemp plant have over 120 different identified terpenes that can dramatically range in their aromas. Terpenes are also thought to be associated with the brain’s sensations. Different smells often being associated with certain effects. For example, a lemony smelling flavor, is known as an indicator of energy improvement and Myrcene is great for insomnia or people with sleep issues.  The full range of terpene benefits are under researched, studies have shown that terpenes work in synergy with CBD functions as well as other cannabinoids to improve the medicinal and therapeutic value. 

Some common types of Terpenes:

Linalool – Anxiety relief and sedation.  Good for mood and stress

Myrcene – Anxiety relief, sedation and pain relief. Also great for insomnia

Pinene – Alertness and memory retention.  Also, an antiseptic.  Good for inflammation

Limonene – Antifungal and Anti-bacterial that enhances mood.  Good for insomnia

These are some common types of Terpenes in WellPUR Organics CBD that may help with other aliments.

Terpenes are just an extra added benefits of taking your CBD daily.

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