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Cats In History-Why Cats Have Been So Important?

When the word history pops up, our mind is filled with all the important events that took place in history and important historical characters. Nobody pays much of heed to cats in history. Although a very unusual topic, it is not unheard of. These four-legged creatures have also played an important part in the history you might not be aware of. There are many historical scenarios associated with cats that prove their importance in history.

So, let’s take a look at the history and importance of cats in the ancient world.

Ancient Egypt

Cats play an important role in the history of ancient Egypt because Bastet, who was a feline warrior goddess, is famous for having half a body of a cat and half the body of a woman. She was given the duty to protect her nation. This idea of cats being defenders continued with Mafdet, who faced threats by taking out a shrewd snake with the utilization of her paws. Another one was Sekhmet who was a fearsome lion-headed goddess whom ancient Egyptians needed to gratify or else she would have destroyed the entire mankind. Even now, the Sphinx in Giza supports a human head with a large torso of a cat. This reflects the possibility of guardianship as he concludes who can enter these temples.

Ancient Europe

Moving ahead with the history and importance of cats, Europe is also known to have a history related to cats. You might have heard of Freya, a goddess in ancient Europe. She is known for being a goddess of many things such as war, magic, fertility, and cats. Yes, you read that right! She was a goddess of cats as well! According to history, she had two cats named Bygul and Trjegul. These kittens were gifted to her by Thor. She used these kittens to pull her chariot and local farmers would often milk these kittens to have a rich harvest. These cats of the goddess Freya are now known as Norwegian forest cats.

Ancient India

Cats also play an important role in the history of ancient India that you might not be aware of. Throughout history, these cats have been praised for their skills of keeping snakes and vermin away from the place where they are living. A famous historic book of ancient Indians known as Mahabharata, there is also a story of a cat known as Lomasa who escaped death with a rat named Palita by pondering over nature and the power it holds. Also, the famous Indian goddess known as Indra transformed herself into a cat to escape.

Ancient Japan

Cats play an interesting role in the history of ancient Japan because they were entrusted with the duty of protecting Buddhist scriptures that were being transported from China. Also, all the folk tales of Japan has cats in it. There is even a stone in the shape of a cat that represents a woman who was murdered in Japan. It is rumored that the stone comes to life at nighttime and this cat lady fights with all the monsters then.

So it is proved that the importance of cats in history goes back to thousands of years and the four-legged animal whom we now consider as our furry friends were quite fierce back in history.

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