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Join Our Affiliate – Brand Ambassador Program!

Join Our Affiliate – Brand Ambassador Program!

We call our affiliates “brand ambassadors” for a specific reason. We prefer our ambassadors to be believers, product lovers and bloggers who are also CBD fans who use our products and can write about their personal experiences with our products. Our program is designed to offer you a risk-free opportunity to join in the growing CBD market by offering our line of WellPUR and WellPUR Pets CBD products to your family, friends and followers.

Our primary goals for our affiliate program are to bring awareness of the variety of products WellPUR Organics and WellPUR Pets offers and to acquire new happy customers.

Getting Started – It’s EASY!

Participating in the WellPUR Organics Affiliate Program is easy! Click “Join Now” and register through our affiliate program network, Refersion.

As a WellPUR Organics Brand Ambassador you receive:

15% commission on every sale
30-day look-back for qualifying sales

You’ll receive a 15% discount on products for your personal use only

The CBD Validator Top 10 is a comprehensive list of the highest-scoring CBD oils available on the market according to a proprietary, data-driven rating system. The list is generated from the data collected on over 1,300 products; it cannot be bought or influenced by any CBD manufacturer or marketer.

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